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Frequently asked questions

  • Can all fruit be dried?

    Yes, but certain fruits give a better fruit product than others. There are also special varieties of specific fruits (eg Bon Chretien pears vs Forelle pears) that are better suited for drying and are sometimes cultivated specifically for this reason. These varieties are specially planted and treated while they grow to further enhance the dried fruit product that will be produced in the end. A whole orchard can be dedicated for drying and the fruit is then tree-ripened for maximum flavor development which results in the best possible dried fruit.
  • Is dried fruit as healthy as fresh fruit?

    Because the water has been dried out of the fruit, dried fruit is actually more concentrated than fresh fruit. This means that dried fruit contains more nutrients per mass than its fresh counterpart.
  • How is the fruit preserved

    Dried fruit is preserved by removing the water from the fruit. We also use a preservative called sulphur dioxide which breaks down the cell walls allowing the water to evaporate and preventing the fruit from spoiling. The sulphur dioxide levels are monitored carefully and kept as low as possible without compromising the fruit quality. If we didn’t use sulphur dioxide, all of our fruit would turn black in color, like raisins and prunes.
  • Is sulphur dioxide bad for you?

    Sulphur dioxide (SO2) is classified as an allergen. This means that there are a small percentage of people who are truly allergic to SO2. The majority of people however are not affected by SO2 at all.
  • Is the fruit actually dried in the sun?

    Yes. We make use of the natural energy of the sun to dry the fruit. The fresh fruit is packed onto special wooden trays and placed in the sun.
  • Does the fruit get dirty while being dried in the sun?

    Yes, and that is why we wash the fruit before it is packed. The rigorous washing process will add just the right amount of water to render a soft textured dried fruit that is great to eat.
  • What happens if it rains while the fruit is drying?

    Good question. We receive a detailed weather report every day and will cover all open product with special covers to prevent the fruit from getting wet if rain is forecast.
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